General info

If you want to commission me you can send me an email at or add me on Discord at shi#0069.

I will send you progress images if you like so we can agree on the result on the go.

First revision is free but it has to me a minor tweak. The final product is yours and you can do as you please with it.

Things I can make

Illustrations in different styles; Pixel art, cartoon or flat design. Suitable for emotes, backgrounds, banners and profile pictures.

Graphic design. Logos and.. Yeah, logos.

Web design and development. If you are feeling special I can make you a personal website. Yearly fee will apply for domains but hosting is free.

Pay what you want

With different types of people come different prices.

I believe people should pay what they want (within reason).

I do set a fixed minimum price for different projects so people don't pay me 1 cent for a website etc.

Fixed prices are as listed below:

  • Graphic design: $5 minimum per piece
  • Illustration: $10 minimum per piece
  • Animated illustration: $15 minimum per piece
  • Web design: $50 minimum and will be discussed further

Extra info:

Even though emotes etc. for Twitch comes in 3 sizes I will only charge for 1.

Minimum is the base price and after that it's a tip or donation.

Random Recent Work